1. I have less than 2 years of actuarial work experience, am I still considered as a fresh graduate?
    • Although you are not considered as a fresh graduate, frankly speaking, your chance of getting an actuarial job is not good at all. It is advisable that you keep your current job and build up more work experience before trying.
  2. I have a few years' work experience in non-actuarial related roles, is this page relevant to me?
    • Unfortunately, due to the imbalance in supply and demand with supply much stronger than demand, if you do not have any actuarial related work experience, most employers will practically treat you as fresh graduate if you apply for actuarial position, hence this page is relevant to you.
  3. Does your firm hire fresh graduates?
    • No, not in the foreseeable future.
  4. How is the job market like for fresh graduates?
    • At the moment, it is quite challenging for a fresh graduate to find employment in the actuarial field. This is due to stronger supply of fresh graduates compared with the demand for people at entry level.
  5. Do you provide your service in helping fresh graduates to find job?
    • Yes, but using a slightly different approach by first requiring fresh graduates to register their interest with us.
    • Insurance companies can easily get a good supply of fresh graduates. As such, it is rare that they would use recruiter to help them to source for fresh graduates.
    • In the rare event that companies do approach us to source for fresh graduates, we normally provide this service to the companies free of charge. We see this as our corporate social responsibility to help actuarial fresh graduates in securing their first actuarial job.
  6. How would I get informed of such opportunities?
    • We publish fresh graduate vacancies on this page from time to time.
    • You may also want to like our Facebook page to be kept informed.
  7. What advice do you have for fresh graduates who can't find an actuarial job?
    • Be proactive, write or email to all potential employers.
    • Be flexible, consider taking up a non-actuarial job in an insurance company and seize any opportunity to be transferred to actuarial department in future.
    • Be less demanding, do not be too choosy on which company to work for or how much salary you demand.
    • Continue to sit for actuarial exams and try to pass as many as possible even if you do not have a job. Good exam progress puts you in a favourable position in securing future employment.
    • Consider taking up short-term actuarial contract work which may appear from time to time to build up your actuarial work experience. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook to stay informed.
  8. Am I entitled to Placement Reward and Referral Reward if such fresh graduate positions are advertised through TAS Search?

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